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Andrew Yell joins Excite Holidays as general manager global sales

Travolution - Wed, 28/10/2015 - 03:00
Online travel wholesaler Excite Holidays has named Andrew Yell as general manager global sales. He joins from The Travel Corporation where he held several positions including general manager business development and executive general manager for Creative Holidays.

Momondo Group becomes European Tech Alliance's sole travel founding member

Travolution - Wed, 28/10/2015 - 02:47
Momondo Group is the only high tech travel business involved as a founding member of the European Tech Alliance. The alliance has been created “to share our collective experience with policymakers and challenge mindsets about Europe, technology and the internet,” according to group president and Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström.

Travelport appoints former Telefonica executive as chief commercial officer

Travolution - Wed, 28/10/2015 - 02:25
The head of the global consumer division of telecoms company Telefonica is to take over as chief commercial officer at Travelport.

Symington’s appoints The Integer Group and FleishmanHillard to handle marketing strategy

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 18:02

Symington’s Australia Pty Ltd, which owns Chicken Tonight, has appointed The Integer Group Australia and FleishmanHillard Australia to handle its national marketing strategy after a competitive three-way pitch.

The agencies, both part of the Whybin\TBWA Group, will focus on growing the business’ market share in the simmer and pasta sauces categories.

The Integer Group Australia managing director Georgia Bruton said in a statement: “We’re ecstatic to be working with the Symington’s team and be given the opportunity to reintroduce these brands to Australian consumers. The simmer and pasta sauce categories are some of the most competitive in grocery, so we developed integrated campaigns that would not only stand out, but effectively re-engage shoppers with these brands at all touchpoints.”Symington’s took control of Chicken Tonight, Raguletto and Five Brothers in a major licensing deal with Unilever.   

Syminton’s managing director David Cherrie said in a statement: “We have had considerable success in the UK ‘rebooting’ the Chicken Tonight and Ragu brands, so we understand the power of integrated marketing to deliver results, and the importance of working with the right agency partners.

“Integer demonstrated incredible insight into the Australian shopper journey, and with FleishmanHillard they presented a seamlessly integrated proposition that we felt would position these brands as leaders in their respective simmer and pasta sauce segments.”

The agneices are set to roll out the first campaign elements for the simmer and pasta sauces early this year.



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Grant Watts returns to Microsoft in Australia to lead search and display for Asia

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 17:48


Digital media executive Grant Watts will return to Microsoft in Australia to lead search and display advertising for Asia, six years after he left the company for Singapore.

Watts, who was GM of Microsoft’s MSN and Windows Live businesses across Southeast Asia until January 2008, will return to Microsoft on March 3 to lead its search and display business across Asia.

Since departing Microsoft, Watts has established himself as one of Singapore’s most prominent digital media executives, most recently as head of advertising for Singapore’s regional telco giant SingTel.

He departed SingTel late last year as the company restructured its digital marketing operations, having joined the company in September 2012 when SingTel acquired advertising network Amobee where Watts was SVP and managing director. He had previously been the CEO for the ad network DMS Group for three and a half years.

As he returns to Microsoft Watts will take responsibility for driving the Yahoo Bing search alliance in the region. This will involve ensuring Yahoo is supported in how it sells and services Microsoft’s premium advertisers in Asia. It also involves sales, services and marketing for SME advertisers in Asia, and driving revenue for Bing.

Matt Lydon, general manager of SMB advertising at Microsoft, said in a statement: “We are thrilled to have Grant back at Microsoft, running our Search business in Asia and Greater China. Grant has tremendous drive and passion for the online advertising business and the impact we can have for our customers and partners.

“We are now operating the Yahoo Bing Network in India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and operating Bing in China, Australia, and New Zealand. Grant will play a critical role in the continued growth of Microsoft’s online advertising business in the region.”

Watts has worked at Yahoo!, MSN, EyeCorp and IAB Singapore, of which he was a founding member, in a career that began in the ’90s with outdoor advertising firm Backlite Media.

He is currently a board member of the Mobile Marketing Association Asia Pacific and Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore.

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Five-year passports frustrating, but vital - Key

Stuff Travel feed - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 17:40
Prime Minister John Key has rejected claims that New Zealand passports are too expensive, but admits Kiwis feel frustrated at having to renew theirs every five years.

‘Business as usual’ as PRIA issues call for replacements for national board positions

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 16:16

The newly installed national president of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) Mike Watson has issued a call to its membership to become more involved in the industry body, following the resignation of most of its national board earlier this week.

In a note sent to PRIA members today, Watson acknowledges the departure of former deputy national president Cara Burke, treasurer Phil Bursfurd and former national president Nicolas Turner along with five other representatives. He then states replacements will be named in the next week and urges PRIA members to step up for some of the vacancies on both a state and national level.

“The National Board and councils in each state and territory are made up of very hard working and dedicated volunteers…  Some state and territory representatives have decided to step down from the National Board at this time,” wrote Watson.

“There is a clear process in our constitution for your local division to appoint replacement representatives, and there are meetings in states and territories across the country this week and next, to identify and confirm your new National Board of representatives.” 

The new PRIA national head then goes on to urge members to step up:

If you are interested in playing a representative role in the Institute, I encourage you to make inquiries through your division.

Some members have already stepped forward and you’re most welcome to do the same. (Bold in original email)

The move comes as Interim CEO Catriona Barry also issued a media statement saying it was “business as usual” at the public relations body.

In a statement issued by PRIA this afternoon the organisation said was ‘business as usual’:

Interim CEO, Catriona Barry said its ‘business as usual’ at the PRIA national office, as the industry body continues to provide the range of quality services members have become accustomed to in the last year…

“My role at PRIA has always been an interim role and my departure has been planned for some time” said Barry.

“I am currently working on finding a permanent CEO.  I wish Mike Watson and the Institute every success and am confident that there is ample depth within our 2,000 strong membership base to fill the gap caused by recent departures.”

The en masse departure of the PR national board came about after the election of Watson as president last week.

He replaced former national president Teri-Helen Gaynor who chose not to re-contest the election for national president when it became clear that members of the PRIA Registered Consultancy Group and College of Fellows were voting for Watson.

Watson’s full email can be read below:

I’m writing to thank the vast number of members from across Australia for sending their support and vocally endorsing me to become PRIA’s new National President last Friday. Many of you have sent me notes offering your support and I am invigorated by your positive energy. Thank you kindly.

A democratically run organisation such as PRIA, relies upon and is strengthened by the contributions and support of its diverse membership – we all come from a wonderful variety of professional experiences in the public relations and communication industry.

As your new National President, here’s what I strongly support:

  • Working on returning PRIA to financial sustainability;
  • Delivering an engaging and valuable training and event program at a local and national level;
  • Nurturing professional education and training opportunities; and
  • Ensuring that the fast-paced world we work in is supportive of our professional requirements.

Over the next 12 months let’s build upon this and ensure that we are all properly consulted about proposed changes and encouraged to make the most of membership in our Institute.

The National Board and councils in each state and territory are made up of very hard working and dedicated volunteers. Each year as part of the AGM process, these representatives review their commitments to balance their professional workload with their volunteer commitments. Some state and territory representatives have decided to step down from the National Board at this time.

There is a clear process in our constitution for your local division to appoint replacement representatives, and there are meetings in states and territories across the country this week and next, to identify and confirm your new National Board of representatives. If you are interested in playing a representative role in the Institute, I encourage you to make inquiries through your division. Some members have already stepped forward and you’re most welcome to do the same.

The incoming National Board will encompass a variety of skills including; diversity, industry experience and knowledge. It is also helpful when representatives have rigorous technical expertise in finance and experience on previous boards. The renewed National Board will be meeting next week and I will send you the details as soon as that process is completed.

We will be reviewing the accreditation, copyright and policy programs, the current financial and membership scenario, as well as processes to connect all our expert committees. Furthermore, we are preparing to launch the PoweR Day event series starting in March and the Golden Target Awards for 2014 later in July.  It’s a full and busy agenda, but we welcome your input as members. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me via (info@pria.com.au) or through your local division.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Watson FPRIA

PRIA’s full media statement can be read below:

Interim CEO, Catriona Barry said its “business as usual” at the PRIA national office, as the industry body continues to provide the range of quality services members have become accustomed to in the last year.

Following the Institute’s Extraordinary General Meeting last week, the newly elected President, Michael Watson, is supporting a number of State Divisions to appoint new state representatives to our National Board.

Ms Barry said there are a lot of successes on which to build. The National Conference in Adelaide was a huge success last year; it was quickly followed by a very popular Sydney Summer School in January which is now in its second year. The focus of a very dedicated staff has now turned to the PRIA PoweR days which will feature outstanding industry specialists providing professional development to various levels of membership.

“My role at PRIA has always been an interim role and my departure has been planned for some time” said Barry. “I am currently working on finding a permanent CEO.  I wish Mike Watson and the Institute every success and am confident that there is ample depth within our 2,000 strong membership base to fill the gap caused by recent departures.”

Ms Barry thanked outgoing directors for their hard work and in particular outgoing President Terri-Helen Gaynor for her dedication and contributions to the PRIA.

With a range of webinars for the year ahead, the introduction of the PRIA online newsroom and the Golden Target Awards heading into its 38th year, it looks like a very busy year ahead for the PRIA.

Nic Christensen 

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Schweppes agency apologises for asking professional models to enter free casting comp

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 16:12

One of Australia’s largest public relations agencies, Professional Public Relations (PPR) has apologised after asking professional models to appear for free in a campaign for client Schweppes.

The callout was criticised by model agencies who believe it devalues the work of their clients.

An intern at PPR’s Melbourne office sent  group email to more than 40 professional modelling agencies asking them to be involved in a “casting call” for the Schweppes Fancy Food Fight, urging them to enter clients into the competition on Facebook open to members of the public.

The callout, forwarded to Mumbrella, says the models are for the Fancy Food Fight competition with the winners to be used in a TV commercial, filmed at a later date and makes it clear the models would not be paid for their involvement. The call for entries on the Facebook page has also been extended.

The email:

“We are calling for entrants to take part in the ‘Fancy Food Fight’- a fine dining experience like no other. There will be fine food from Martin Benn of Sepia Restaurant (3 hats!), fine fighting and fine filming (yes, those cast will participate in the filming of Schweppes new TVC).

“This is a great opportunity for your talent to take part in a really fun shoot! Please note, this is not paid – but is open to anyone available in Sydney on 24 February. (Bold in original text of email.)

Deborah Gray, head of Ava Model Management, immediately replied, CCing in the other 40 agencies and  lambasting the request for professional models to work for free.

“Asking our professional models who rely on their earnings to do unpaid work for you for such an established commercial enterprise as Schweppes is not great PR,” wrote Gray.  ”Sorry but we decline.”

And Angela Ceberano, who is a director of Flourish Public Relations, which represents a number of celebrity clients, wrote: “I can’t believe an intern at PPR is sending out the below on behalf of Schweppes to ask talent to be in a TVC for free.

“I’d love to work for a business like Schweppes but the massive agencies like PPR get such clients and then disrespect them by having their interns working on the account.”

PPR told Mumbrella it was “simply attempting to use our networks to spread the word”, but conceded “our rationale was not made clear in the communication developed by our team, and for this we accept responsibility.”

In a statement, Bridget Marcou, GM of PPR Melbourne said:

“PPR apologises for inviting professional, paid models to participate for free in a campaign being developed for Schweppes. We acknowledge models contracted to professional modelling agencies earn their living from participating in television commercials.

“We were simply attempting to use our networks to spread the word and hopefully pass on the opportunity for everyone to be involved in the campaign, should they choose.

“In this case, we extended the invitation to agencies with the purpose of offering anyone new to the industry a possible casting opportunity.  Unfortunately our rationale was not made clear in the communication developed by our team, and for this we accept responsibility.”

Gray told Mumbrella: “This is becoming a more and more common thing. It used to be that nobody would have the nerve to ask a professional agency and its models to do this.

“What is happening is that there is a spill over. I don’t think this is coming from the main bosses or at least I hope its not. I think this is coming from less senior PR people who are younger who have been brought up marketing on Facebook and now almost every company will put out a little Facebook model search. It is a cheap way of getting models basically.”

GPY&R Melbourne, which has the creative account for Schweppes, declined to comment on whether it was involved in the campaign.

Mumbrella has chosen not to publish name of the intern.

Nic Christensen 

The original email from PPR. Click to enlarge.

Some of the replies. Click to enlarge.

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Bondi Hipsters co-creator to speak at Emergence Creative Festival

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 16:04

The Emergence Creative Festival has announced new speakers for its three day festival in Margaret River from February 19 to 21, including Christian Van Vuuren, the co-creator of The Bondi Hipsters.

The announcement:

Emergence Creative Festival, Western Australia’s premier creative festival kicks off in Margaret River next week from 19 to 21 February 2014.

With over 22 speakers across 10 venues over 3 days, the conference with a difference themed the ‘currency of creativity’, is set to bring Margaret River alive. Some of the brightest minds from around the globe will be jetting in to discuss, workshop and explore the ever increasing value of creativity and its role in driving business, innovation, communication, education and the economy.

Newly announced speakers include LA-based producer Evan Bregman, co-creator of The Bondi Hipsters Christian Van Vuuren, Creative Director Glenn Bartlett, founder of The Ideas Bodega, Nicole Velik and Cannes Lion award-winning film director, Richard Bullock, who has just been announced as the Festival’s MC and inaugural ambassador.

The event provides the ultimate platform for creatives and innovators working in the advertising, film, music, communications, design or digital industries to bring ideas to life, develop new partnerships and work in an inter-disciplinary environment, opening new gateways of learning.

Spanning the three days will be workshops, master classes, screenings of innovative content, remote recording sessions with SAE breakfasts, live music performances, winery dinners and the Undisciplined Surf Competition, and provides fantastic opportunities to network with like-minded creative and tech professionals.

The festival will take place across 10 iconic and picturesque venues in Margaret River, including the main conference venue, the Vasse Felix Art Gallery as well as The White Elephant, Settlers Tavern, Augusta Margaret River Shire, Howard Park, Cullens and Leeuwin Estate, which will host the Gala Dinner.

Emergence Creative was founded by Creative Corner, a not-for-profit organization which promotes the creative industries living in the southwest, the concept of decentralized creative living and collaboration of the creative sectors.

The complete program of events and tickets to the 2014 Emergence Creative Festival are available at www.emergencecreative.com

Emergence Creative Festival is proudly supported by Screenwest, Lotterywest, South West Regional Development Commission and the Department of Culture and the Arts.

Source: Emergence Creative Festival media release.

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Media Merchants opens Melbourne office to focus on ‘neglected’ retail clients

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 15:48

Full service independent advertising agency Media Merchants has expanded into Melbourne, with the agency to focus on growing its roster of retail clients.

“We already have quite a bit of business in Melbourne,” said James Fitzgerald, managing director of Media Merchants. “We saw a niche in the market for retail accounts that may not be looked after so well with the bigger agencies.”

Fitzgerald denied the move had been sparked by client API which owns the Priceline chemist chain, who recently decided to review its $13m media account. 

“No — the decision was made mid last year to open a Melbourne office and Priceline’s review only came up in November,” said Fitzgerald.

“We have had a successful business in Brisbane for 15 years, moved to Sydney seven years ago and are look ing to expand our offering in the Melbourne market as part of our growth strategy.”

Media Merchants, which claims around $60m in billings, already has a number of Melbourne clients including Priceline, Shavershop and Williams & Mather Shoes.

The independent’s Melbourne office will be headed by Woody Reid who will be the Melbourne general manager.  Reid has worked at Channel 10 and more recently Fox Footy where he was in charge of sponsorship sales.

“You have to be passionate about retail and obsessive about driving sales for clients to succeed in this category,” said Reid. “This is something that struck me immediately about James and the team at Media Merchants and made the opportunity to join all the more exciting.”

Nic Christensen 

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Greenstone TV hires development executive

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 15:47

Greenstone TV, the New Zealand production company acquired by CJZ in November, has hired a development executive to drive programming in all content areas.

The announcement:

Greenstone TV and new owners CJZ are thrilled to announce that Rachel Antony has joined the Greenstone team as Development Executive. In her new role Rachel will drive Greenstone’s slate in factual, entertainment, factual entertainment and documentary programming, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Rachel has 18 years experience in documentary and entertainment television production. She set up Greenstone’s first Australian production office in 2007 was Series Producer of CIU: Crash Investigation Unit for Channel 7 in Sydney and has worked on Conviction Kitchen, So You Think You Can Dance and The X Factor Australia.

Rachel has worked on over a dozen documentaries; she has produced an award winning short film; been a publicist for BBC- tv in London; and a travel writer. She has a degree in Communication Studies majoring in Journalism from AUT and a Post Graduate Diploma in Screen Business from AFTRS [the Australian Film, Television & Radio School].

“I’m really excited to get stuck in and work with the Greenstone and CJZ teams and all the commissioners to create some fantastic new content” says Rachel. “This is a great role – I get to work with talented people on both sides of the Tasman, allowing me to combine a long-time connection to Greenstone with experience in the Australian market and my general obsession with storytelling”.

Greenstone and CJZ CEO Matt Campbell says: “We are thrilled to have Rachel join us in this exciting new role. We love her energy and passion for television, along with her art of telling a good story. She arrives at a really exciting time for both companies as we look to push the boundaries to deliver highly engaging television content for our local and international broadcasters”.

Source: CJZ/Greenstone press release.

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Programming perfection?

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 15:45

Dr Mumbo was struck by the humility of the networks in their response to a poll on TV Tonight in which two out of three awarded themselves 10 out of 10 for the accuracy of their electronic programming guides…

Only Nine was humble enough to mark itself down to eight, the lowest score of all networks, as Andrew Backwell admitted: “In terms of us putting dodgy information in the EPGs –I’m not saying it hasn’t happened in the past, and I’ve been guilty of it– you have to have respect for the viewers. I know everyone thinks we don’t. But we really try to.”

Foxtel, SBS and ABC1/2 all awarded themselves 9/10.


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Most social media users believe Schapelle is guilty and media making too much of story

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 15:37

An analysis of sentiment on Facebook and Twitter around Schapelle Corby suggests 46 per cent of people believe she is guilty, 22 per cent that she was innocent, with nearly a third (32 per cent) saying they did not care about the story at all.

Corby’s release from her Bali jail cell has sparked a wave of criticism on social media about Channel Seven’s alleged $1m to $3m payment for interview rights as well as Channel Nine’s move to pit its telemovie Schapelle against Seven’s docudrama about INXS.

Research by social media agency We Are Social shows a quarter (25 per cent) of all discussion focused on how the media is making too much of the story and ignoring more important stories such as the Victorian bushfires as a result.

Tweeters also hit out about Channel Seven’s reported deal with Corby for interview rights. Comedians, sports stars, news outlets, journalists and users making political statements accounted for the most retweeted comments.

Even more people talking about Schapelle focused on the dilemma of having to choose between the first part of Nine’s telemovie Schapelle and Seven’s docudrama about Australian band INXS on Sunday.

The research shows 28 per cent of tweets about Corby focused on this conundrum presented by the networks on Sunday night, in which Seven won out with 1.9m viewers for INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, as Schapelle averaged 1.022m and was replayed on Monday to 241,000.

The analysis  found more than 110,000 messages about Corby between February 4 and 10, with the number growing every minute, with two-thirds (76 per cent) of conversations held on Twitter. Facebook accounted for just under a fifth (19 per cent) of Corby-related conversations, as mainstream news and forums each accounted for two per cent of discussion about the 36-year-old.

Channel Seven’s breakfast show Sunrise conducted a poll of its viewers after co-host David Koch criticised the network for paying Corby for an interview deal and found 54 per cent of viewers who voted believed she was guilty and 46 per cent said she was innocent.

Corby has also been the focus of an emerging meme using the hashtag #ThingsSchapelleMissed, as tweeters recall cultural events of the last nine years she was behind bars.

Brands that jumped on Schapelle’s media attention to promote their brands, such as Nandos call for her to try their peri-peri chicken provoked a divided response from consumers who called it either ‘advertising gold’ or a fail in poor taste.

“The social media response to Schapelle tells us that Australians love for real crime stories only matches their appetite for reality TV content. Twitter and Facebook are the conversation channels where the story unfolds,” noted We Are Social.

Megan Reynolds

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Mamamia hires Alyx Gorman to edit secret new website

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 15:11


The Mamamia Network has hired former editor of The Vine Alyx Gorman to edit a yet to be revealed new website set to launch later this year.

Publisher Mia Freedman said Gorman had been in her sights for “some time” and was well placed to lead the launch of the new vertical alongside Mamamia.com.au and iVillage.com.au.

Gorman was fashion editor and then editor of youth orientated website The Vine for three years before she went to Bauer Media Group as features director of its glossy fashion magazine Elle, which launched in September. She will join the Mamamia group in mid-March.


Freedman said: ”I had my eye on her for a couple of years, since she started editing The Vine, and we have a new launch coming up so she’s going to be working with us in a senior editorial capacity, editing that new site. She’s got a lot of digital expertise.

“She’s got a really great tone in her writing and she’s just the perfect person to work at Mamamia in terms of our company culture, she’s dynamic and ambitious and smart.”

Freedman refused to answer further questions about the new website but said plans have been in the works for some time.

“It’s something we’ve been working on for quite a while and we’ve just been looking for the right editor,” she said. ”So she’s an absolutely integral part of that puzzle. More news on that shortly.”

Freedman said Gorman will also write for the Mamamia site, edited by Jamila Rizvi, who took on the role as Freedman took a step back from the day to day operations in March last year.

“We are always looking for people who can work across our sites, and our writers have quite a fluid way of working so Jamila and I are really looking forward to having Alyx contribute on Mamamia as well,” Freedman said. “Her voice is particularly great for Mamamia.”

Mamamia and its sister website iVillage claims to reach more than 4m unique browsers and generates upwards of 28m page impressions a month.

Gorman said in a statement: “Mamamia speaks to women in a way that no one else does – and you can tell from their stats that everyone is listening.

“In addition to having a whole lot of heart and chutzpah, Mamamia’s digital cred is peerless. They’re so far ahead of the game, and I can’t wait to start using the technology they have access to.

“Not just navigating, but innovating digitally is one of the biggest joys of working as a journalist today, and I’m looking forward to experimenting, and pushing myself as hard as possible in this area. I couldn’t be more proud that I am joining the team.”

As editor of The Vine, owned by Fairfax Media, Gorman revealed an offer from Naked Communications asking for free advertising and tailored editorial in exchange for an interview with Kevin Rudd.

Megan Reynolds


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James Wright extends role to lead Havas Worldwide Melbourne office

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 15:06


The head of The Red Agency James Wright has taken responsibility for the whole Havas group in Melbourne after the former managing director John Perry departed to start his own venture.

Wright has been managing director of Havas’ PR arm the Red Agency since 2011, but the new role sees him take charge of the small Havas Worldwide creative office in Melbourne which services clients including Danone and Medibank and is set to defend the La Trobe University account which is out to tender.

The group has around 25 staff in the office split across creative, PR and employer marketing agency The Face.

Havas Worldwide Australia CEO Anthony Gregorio said Wright was a natural fit for the job, adding: “It was a deliberate move as James has been doing such a fantastic job with Red, and a  lot of the business we have in Melbourne is PR clients, and a small amount of advertising business.

“It’s about giving James responsibility and developing his skill set, I have complete faith in him.”

Gregorio said they viewed Melbourne as an important growth market for the agency, and were targeting growth with new clients there after picking up the Defence Force Recruiting account late last year in the Sydney office.

Wright told Mumbrella: “We are looking to drive greater integration with our Sydney operations from a creative, digital and operational point of view to make the agency more nimble. We have some cracking clients in Melbourne and we want to build and grow that base.

“We are also looking to get smarter at cross-selling our expertise across the group and so we will be focusing on that in the coming months too.”

Perry left the business last month along with creative director Matt Callan, who set up and sold BeelyCallan, which was transformed into The Face, to the then Euro Group.

He told Mumbrella: “We decided to set up PerryCallan because Matt and I felt the advertising industry was ripe for a shake up in terms of how ideas are commissioned, created and ‘sold’ to clients. We think the current model is set up to be too slow to react to clients’ needs.

“Our approach is to work in total collaboration with a client, in real time, and we guarantee to crack a brand, advertising or marketing idea, in one day.” The agency officially opened its doors last week and has foundation clients of Rapid Security, the Altitude Volvo dealership and a firm of Melbourne lawyers.

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SBS launches major campaign for new Peter Kuruvita food program Mexican Fiesta

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 14:43

SBS has kicked off a major campaign to support and promote its newly-commissioned food program, Mexican Fiesta with Peter Kuruvita.

The off-channel campaign, developed in-house, runs across print, online, digital outdoor and social media. It features a blend of photography and illustrations to capture people’s imagination about the world of Mexican cuisine.

Post-it notes will be stuck to the front of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age tomorrow promoting the series’ first episode while digital outdoor panels in airports, cafes and retail venues will feature a seven-second animated execution aimed at driving viewing to Thursday nights.

SBS Group marketing manager Katherine Raskob said in a statement: “This is a significant campaign for our food programming, supporting the growth of our audience share in the food space and SBS’s continuing solid commitment to commissioning quality, local, ‘real food’ programs.

SBS director of television Tony Iffland said in a statement: “Amid the high stakes climate of reality food programs broadcast by our competitors, audience appetite for SBS Food has been steadily increasing as ‘real food’ success stories like Gourmet Farmer continue to bolster audience numbers for TV and online.

“A strong program line-up for 2014 will further cement the reputation of SBS as a serious contender in an increasingly crowded food programming environment, providing an alternative to what’s on elsewhere.”

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Whose letters page?

thUMBRELLA - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 14:33

Yesterday Dr Mumbo noted how the media kit for Schwartz Media’s new The Saturday Paper was making an unusual connection between Rupert Murdoch and Thailand’s Miss Tiffany Universe, the world’s most famous transsexual beauty contestant.

He would like to commend the numerous Mumbrella readers who then trawled the media kit and noticed the mock up of The Saturday Paper’s letters page has a number of letters who reference stories in rival Fairfax Media paper The Age.

This raised the question of could that be because the mock up page is actually The Age’s letter page?

Mock up Saturday Paper letters page. Click to enlarge.

It seems an unusual decision, given Schwartz Media has boasted in market how the quality of its newspaper will be of a higher quality than Fairfax Media’s and News Corp’s weekend newspapers. Traditionally publications use the age-old ‘Lorem Ipsum’ nonsense text to fill mock-ups.

The mock up credits a Ross Hudson of Camberwell with writing the letters, all of them. However, some quick searches shows the actual content in the letters can be found elsewhere on the web.

For example:

And this one:

But who is Ross Hudson of Camberwell? Well he was the lucky chap who got the top letter in The Age’s letters page on February 11…

At the time of posting, The Saturday Paper had not responded to requests for comment.

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On Shirley Temple Black, and the legacy we leave behind

Matador Network - Wed, 12/02/2014 - 14:00

My grandmother introduced me to Shirley Temple. She didn’t have cable in her house, but she had a VCR, and we’d watch Temple’s classic films together. I remember being envious of the energy she exuded on-screen, her perfect, bouncy curls, and the way she could turn even the coldest, meanest, old man’s heart from stone, into mush. “The Good Ship Lollipop” was my go-to audition song for community theater, but how could I choose anything else? If Shirley Temple was a star by age six, I had a lot of catching up to do.

Shirley Temple later played a role in global politics as well. She was appointed to be the US Ambassador for two countries that are very close my heart – Ghana, and the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia). I admire how she always remained true to herself, and was lucky enough not to succumb to drug or alcohol addictions. Her life was by no means easy, and many pity how her childhood was essentially snatched away from her – but then again, I’d probably take acting in film too, over regular life during the Great Depression.

I was surprised to hear about Temple’s passing, at the age of 85, but at the same time, I knew she had lived a wonderful life. It reminded me that there is always a legacy to leave behind. If you suddenly passed away, how would you want to be remembered? The answer to that question reveals so much about ourselves, our values, and what we must change to preserve that legacy. For me, Shirley Temple Black leaves behind a lifetime of talent, achievement, and love (not to mention, a delicious drink made with grenadine).

I hope someone can say the same about me some day.

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Clinique promotes new moisturising product with outdoor campaign

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Clinique is promoting its new ‘Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +’ with a new outdoor campaign created in partnership with JCDecaux Innovate.

The campaign features a 3D liquid filled sensor button in the shape of a balloon, which is meant to represent the hydrating effects of the new product, which when pressed by a consumer prints out a voucher to redeem at any Clinique counter for a free 10-day supply of the 3-Step System.

Clinique marketing manager Corinne Grove said in a statement:  ”We are thrilled with the interactivity and strong aesthetics of the campaign. By interacting with the panels, customers are rewarded with the opportunity to experience our professional service and take home a sample for free.”

The Innovate panels are live until February 15 in Sydney at Pitt Street Mall and in Melbourne on the Melbourne Central Station Concourse.

JDecaux marketing director Essie Wake said in a statement: “This is a new and innovative way to drive people in store to trial the 3-Step System. With the panels placed in direct proximity to the major retail outlets and a generous 10-day supply of product, I suspect this will be a highly successful activation for the Clinique brand.”


  • JCDecaux Innovate
  • Media Agency: OMD
  • Creative Agency: Clinique

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Nib reveals latest ad in time for Valentine’s Day

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Nib Health Insurance has revealed the latest ad for the ‘It’s good to be human’ campaign, promoting its basic hospital cover for couples in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

The ad’s theme ‘Because you’ll do anything for love’ features elaborate declarations of love, from underwater marriage proposals to a newly married couple water skiing.

The overarching campaign, by Saatchi & Saatchi, was revealed last month after the agency was awarded the account in December.

It is running across online, social media and traditional media platforms and aims “to celebrate the real you,” Nib’s chief marketing and development officer Rhod McKensey told Mumbrella last month.

Mariam Chehab

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